A magical, high performance programming language for game development.

Kit is a programming language designed for creating concise, high performance cross-platform applications. Kit compiles to ANSI C99, so it’s highly portable; it can be used in addition to or as an alternative to C, and was designed with game development in mind.

include "stdio.h";

function main() {
    var s: CString = "Hello from Kit!";
    printf("%s\n", s);

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At a glance:

Kit is pre-alpha and not all features are fully implemented; see the roadmap on Trello.

Why you should use Kit in place of:

C/C++ a higher level language
Modern language features: type inference, algebraic data types, pattern matching, explicit function inlining, automatic pointer dereferencing, generics, implicits. Low-level control to optimize performance: pointers, manual memory management, no GC (but easily add your own scoped memory management strategies, including reference counting/localized GC.)
A more expressive type system, including traits for polymorphism, and abstract types, which provide custom compile-time behavioral and type checking semantics to existing types with no runtime cost. Metaprogramming via a typed term rewriting system; use rules to transform arbitrary expressions at compile time based on their type information. Create your own interface or DSL.
A sane, easy to use build system. Kit features modules, imports, and standard package structure, plus a simple but powerful build tool: manage your project via a simple YAML configuration file and kit build, kit test, or kit run. (coming soon…) Zero-overhead C interoperability. Take advantage of existing C libraries without any wrappers; just include the header and directly use types/functions/variables.

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